What Bra Style is Right for your Bust Shape

 Different Bust Types

When you’re choosing a bra, you need to know what suits your assets as different bra styles suit different bust shapes.

Bust Type

Common Features

Recommended Styles

Small You need a bra that will lift, hold and enhance your breasts. Padded, Plunge, Half cup
Average Your breasts are easier to lift and shape than any other type. All styles
Full Your breasts tend to sit lower on the chest than the average bust and are more rounded. Balcony, Full Cup, Side Support;
Pendulous Your breasts aren’t necessarily large, but lie low on your chest and are fuller at the bottom than the top. Balcony, Moulded, Half Cup
Different Sizes This is extremely common and there can be up to a cup size between one breast and the other. Balcony, Moulded, Full Cup  

During Pregnancy

It is vital for ladies to be regularly fitted throughout their pregnancy as your bust size can vary from between 2 or even 4 sizes bigger than before. Many women choose non-wired soft cup bras in the middle and later stages of their pregnancy as they allow for further growth and offer maximum comfort but we recommend that you go with whatever you feel most comfortable with. Make sure you allow yourself room to grow into them by buying stretchy cotton based fabrics. If you fit the bra on the last hook you can move along to the next hook for a firmer fit as your bust grows and you need more anchorage.


During Nursing

When you’re looking to buy nursing bras make sure that you can fit your hand inside the cups. This means that you’ll have enough space for any padding or extra growth spurt. Again comfort should be your number one concern so opt for stretch, cotton based fabrics. Bras with strong Powernet wings provide anchorage and support for your breasts. Non-wired bras are also machine washable for ease.