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A good fitting bra versus a bad fitting bra...

Good-Fit-Text   Bad-Fit-Text  
Good-Fitting-Bra The Features; Bad-Fitting-Bra The Features;
1. The breast sits perfectly within the cup 1. The breast spills out or is unable to fill the cup
2. The underwire comfortably encases the entire breast tissue 2. The underwire digs uncomfortably into your side
3. The straps sit snugly against your shoulder 3. The straps either fall down or press uncomfortably into the shoulder
 4. The centre front of the bra sits flush against your rib cage 4. The centre front of the bra doesn't sit flush against your rib cage
 5. The Powernet side panel sits flat against your side  5. The Powernet side panel rolls up your back
 6. The back straps sits firm and parallel at the bottom of your back  6. The back straps rides up your back
The Benefits; The Effects;
1. Provides uplift and support for your breasts 1. Leaves your breasts unsupported or squashed in ill fitting bras
2. Can take inches from your waistline 2. Creates unsightly red marks
3. Reduces back and shoulder pain 3. Can cause back and shoulder pain
4. Improves posture 4. Feels very uncomfortable to wear
5. Slows down the loss of elasticity in the skin which causes sagging 5. Often means excess adjusting throughout the day


The facts...

"80% of women aren’t choosing the right sized bra."

The result? Poor support, an unflattering figure and an uncomfortable bra.

We reccommend that you get fitted every 6 months by our Bra Fitting Experts.

The bra fitting experience...

We have 2 stores in the UK and all our teams have been expertly trained in bra fitting. Our service is hassle-free, friendly with no appointment necessary. Discover your nearest Leia store.