Lingerie and Swimwear Sizing Explained

Our Sizing Guide

We aim to make it as easy as possible for you to find your perfect size. Our guide below offers advice on bra sizing as well as co-ordinates, basques and loungewear.

If you're lucky enough to live near one of our Leia boutiques, we'd recommend you get a free fitting by our trained experts ensuring that you find the perfect size and style for you.

Back Size;

This is the inch measurement around the ribcage just underneath your bust. Ensure the measuring tape is pulled very firm around your ribcage.

If you find that your closer to an odd number (e.g. 33"), you'd need to try both a 32" and a 30" back and see which is the most comfortable for you.

Cup Size;

If your back size has changed, your cup size will have changed too. Women often wear a back size that is too large and a cup size that's too small. If you have gone down 2 back sizes you will go up 2 cup sizes (e.g. if you previously wore a 36D and you now measure a 32, your cup size will now be around an E cup).

You can use the table to help you calculate your new size. Simply find your old bra size on the grid, go along the row to find your new back size and it will then it will give you an idea of what your new cup size should be.

Women often find it difficult to comprehend themselves being a D cup or above, as they are under the illusion that 'only glamour models are that size'. This is certainly not the case.

Think that you're wearing the wrong size? See our perfect fit page - it compares a good fitting bra with an ill-fitting bra.

Unsure about what style of bra would be best for you? Our style guide explains the features and benefits of our bras. Don't worry if you choose something unsuitable, we offer free returns on all our online orders.


Bra Fitting Video;

If you're still feeling a little unsure about what bra size you should be wearing, see our bra fitting video below...

Looking for an Alternate Size?;

If you know what size you would normally wear but you feel another size would be better, the general rule is that if you decide to choose a smaller back size (e.g. from a 36 to a 34) then your cup size goes up by one size (e.g. a D cup becomes a DD cup), therefore if you usually wear a 36D but the back is feeling a little loose, then try a 34DD.

Likewise, if you'd prefer to choose a larger back size as it feels too tight, then your cup size will go down by one size, therefore if you usually wear a 36D, then try a 38C. 

If your back size feels fine, but your cup size is too large or too small, then keep with the same back size but just choose a different cup size.

The Myth of "Back Fat";

All bras should fit firm across your lower back, as a result we often get ladies complaining about their "back fat". The problem is that if you choose to wear a bra that isn't fitting firm, you run the risk of your breasts being unsupported and prone to drooping. Our advice would be to try your clothes on over the bra and we can almost guarantee that whatever "back fat" you believe you have will not be visible in your clothing.

If you have any specific questions in regards to sizing then email us and we'll respond to you as soon as we can.

Coordinate Size Conversion; 

Our coordinates are sized from a 2XS to a 4XL. We've put together the UK dress size equivalent.


Freya Lounge Size Conversion; 

Freya loungewear is available from an XS to XL. The table below shows what this means in terms of UK dress sizes.

In addition, our Freya lounge tops, camisoles and chemises provides you with the choice of either a medium cup (B-DD) and a fuller cup (E-G) so you can buy loungewear that fits your bust as well as your body.


Freya Fancies Bralette Size Guide; 

The Freya Fancies Soft Cup Bralette is available from an XS to XL. The size chart below will help you convert your UK bra size to a Bralette size.